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Recycling and the environment is on everyone’s minds, and no more than ours. We strive to do our part for the environment, and to keep the amount of rubbish to be used for landfill at a minimum.

Discount Skips can supply a set of skip bins so the waste can be sorted directly into their respective bins, thus reducing waste management costs. Our aim is to minimise our global footprint as much as possible.

From 1 July 2008, the Government introduced the new EPA levy scheme to help reduce the amount of landfill being created each year. This substantial levy is designed to encourage recycling of waste and will be increasing by $10 per tonne, plus a CPI adjustment for the next six years.

Discount Skips Green Scheme environmental policy has been set out to help the environment and reduce costs for customers, by laying a foundation of procedures that will reduce the global footprint and help becoming carbon neutral by offsetting carbon emissions of our vehicles, all using the new Euro 4 standards.

To find out more about our Recycling Program and Green Scheme policy, please contact our friendly customer service team on 02 9804 6444.